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UARTBus OSI-6: Presentation layer

I've created a small footprint RPC library for microcontrollers. The namespace path and function parameters just placement in the packet after each other. The dispatcher function relays the request to the proper RPC path, and the registered RPC call handler extracts the parameters executes the query and responses to the packet.

A request parsed into a struct rpc_request located in ./source/uc/utils/lib/rpc/rpc.h.

This request is dispatched through a RPC namespace chain. For example see: ./source/uc/bootloader/ub_bootloader.c how RPC_NS_FUNCTIONS constructed and where this chain used as a parameter.

When a namespace matched procPtr incremented, so in next processing stage it will be continued from the next byte (pointed in the payload by the procPtr which is incremented right now)

The pointed function may dispatch again, or it can be a function that processes the request. The reply function pointer in the struct rpc_request used to assemble and send a response packet.

For example: in the bootloader (aka: UART host application) there's some pre-defined RPC namespace and functions which provides unified functionality for all devices on the bus.

And so on, for full namespace specification see the documentation.

To turn on the user led you have to send a packet with payload of:
1:2:1 => (1) Bus functions => (2) user led handler function => (1) parameter
this returns with the response:
0:1:2:1 => (0) response packet => (1:2) namespace and function path => (1) response parameter aka the led is turned on.

To invoke a hardware reset: 2:0:0 => (2) Bootloader functions => (0) power functions => (0) hardware reset
No response generated, because committed a hardware reset immediately.

This namespace tree is extendible to any depth and designed for the application developer can attach a new function into this tree.

On the other side, on the PC in java, this RPC namespace tree is modeled with objects, see: UartBusDevice.getRpcRoot() . But the best thing: I've created a mechanism to describe interfaces for this RPC namespaces and functions with the known types, and java (using proxies) generates namespace object and function you can call right from java. For example see: UbBootloaderFunctions and for a real application that uses this see: UartbusCodeUploader.